Saturday, April 2, 2011

hmmm my first post... i guess this better be good. Maybe i should have someone else write it!
I started this blog to show some of my work. I do artwork and illustration and have just gotten hooked on metals.. hence the name of this blog. I'll start putting pics and posts up soon.
Oh, last night i went to the opening of the 2011 CFCC Student art show. Of course it was amazing, with terrific pieces of art covering the walls -in numerous categories. The show was put together by several hard working folks from CFCC (i won't say who, because if i forget anyone i don't want my butt kicked) and it looked GREAT! Not only was the work presented well in a very nice gallery (Projekte on 3rd street), but there were awards ranging from certificates to hand made medals for the winners! Awesome!
The show was very well attended, packed in fact, and everyone enjoyed the chance to hang out with and talk to the artists. There was even live music in the background. yeah... i had a great time.
ok that was my first blog post ever...lets see what happens next. Thanks for playin'!

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